Ever since the latest performance patches, I've been having random freezes at the hero selection screen. Basically, when it happens, there's a loud bzzz and my whole computer freezes which forces me to hard shutdown my computer manually.. I do open my computer and try to join the game but most of the time, the screen is still black and I can't do anything and usually am too late to join back the game. Other times, I get to join the game but I start with a huge deficit. Heck, I even got back in a game where I the wagering bar didn't show up and I got an error saying that there was a problem with the wagering which made Dota crash. It happens really randomly as I've had 3 freezes in a row followed by 4 games without my computer freezing and then as I get 2 more freezes in a row, one which I was able to join the game with a deficit and another where I couldn't join at all.

This has never happened to me in the two years I've played Dota, it's honestly really frustrating as I've lost 75 mmr and am now forced to play 5 games in low priority.

If there's any informations that you need me to provide, I'd be happy to do so. Thanks for your time and help!