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Thread: Future of Bot Development

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    Quote Originally Posted by adamqqq View Post
    I have found a way to get talents without name.

    local Talents ={}
    local Abilities ={}
    for i=0,23,1 do
    	local ability=npcBot:GetAbilityInSlot(i)
    Then you can use npcBot:ActionImmediate_LevelAbility(talents[1~8]) to level up talents.
    It's pretty straight forward, and useful for most coders that want to get into it. I think the problem with such code is that it is generic and won't help you make a decision: i.e. which of the 8 talents gives you more gold and which gives you more spell amp? in the end, it will still be a hardcoded thing and I think this is what frustrates most coders that have advanced bots. (not trying to belittle your contribution as I am among the ones that offer a lot of advice, solutions and suggestions but haven't really output-ed any code other than to-the-point codes that I also tested in advance and knew work since of my slow progress. just meant that it is a huge contribution to those with generic bots, but might not help so much for those with specific takeover or ability-driven bots). Also, not an attack towards you, but more of a cry for help from Valve from my side
    (sorry if it sounded wrong)
    Explanations on the normal, high and very high brackets in replays: here, here & here
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    Quote Originally Posted by arz_on4dt View Post
    I'm so sorry, I didn't think that it will make you stopped your project development because of my stupid act.
    arz_on4dt, we spoke many times, we helped each other out at times, I did not quit bot development because of you. Really. It was more about the community and API as a whole and I will be back when I'm ready.

    The reason why I haven't contributing ... github ...
    That seems to be a common response. Depending on your access level to the Github repo, you aren't able to even commit code without it being reviewed by the project owners first, so don't be shy about a pull request. You are correct though, if you aren't sure your work is in line with the project that can make it hard to commit any help without talking to the project owners.

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    Wups, I think I misunderstood this sentence "Thought I'd comment on this in particular since it was at the core of why I stopped development" because it's right under my replay quote.
    So that's how pull request work. OK I'll try then. Yep, since my focus is only on ability usage I think I'll only contributing on project that need to implement the ability usage on heroes. BTW, Thank you for your kindness..

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