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Thread: International Ranked 2017 Matchmaking Bug

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    International Ranked 2017 Matchmaking Bug

    I have this bug, (which may only be visual, but am still concerned), that it shows that I do not own a Battle Pass, for international ranked matchmaking. It has been this way since I bought the BP, and I am concerned that the game does not register that I have one. My account level is 96, I calibrated my solo mmr at 2,236, and my party around 2,300. I have since got my party mmr up to 2.9k, and at the end of the season I am supposed to be able to make my new mmr replace my old one, which is around 2.4k for normal ranked (after 40 games, which i have played more than). So it still lets me queue for international ranked, but I am worried that all the game, after the season is over, will still think I do not have a BP, and not let me replace my mmr. Please help, thanks. Steam ID:70691208 Profile Name: VN No-uh
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