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Thread: May 31 Bot Update

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    Yeah, that's the initial list, though we're still working through some issues on getting them to work. Mostly I'm looking at the most popular/used bots right now. Once issues are sorted and it looks like it's working well, I plan on being pretty liberal on what we'll allow on dedicated servers.

    29463 is some test bot code that I've uploaded to our internal version of Steam, so it's in the list with the real ones.

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    Is there a way for us to see how it is working right now or are you still in PoC development?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Platinum_dota2 View Post
    I would also wait on v33's bots, since he is trying to ask for permission from the people whom he took (a lot of) code from (I gave him my permission, but I'm not the main one and he was still trying to find others).
    Yeah V33 has now said he will be taking down his workshop page.
    Quote Originally Posted by Platinum_dota2 View Post
    Just some minor fixes. PubSimulator was basically my scratch-draft for learning Lua and bot scripting that I've been maintaining for a couple of months. I have a new design which merges a bunch of CS concepts (reinforcement learning, game theory with bounded rationality and scheduling), but I'm trying to find some free time to implement it. It is weird that current AI algorithms are so primitive when it comes to cooperative games (from what I've seen so far, it seems the desires system is the state of the art, but still its design is not teamwork centric), so I decided to design my own algorithm (I may end up publishing it in an AI conference, if it turned out fine in practice)! If I decided to do that, I'll be back with a lot API requests from ChrisC (similar to when I decided to write PubSimulator).
    Sounds impressive. If you publish it at an AI conference would you also release it as a bot script for people to use?

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