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Thread: [Brewmaster] Add a custom HUD element showing the downtimes of Drunken Brawler

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    [Brewmaster] Add a custom HUD element showing the downtimes of Drunken Brawler

    Drunken Brawler currently does not show you how long it will take for the ensured evasion/crit to be ready again. It can't use a traditional cooldown indicator, since it has 2 different effects with separate downtimes.

    Many people would suggest adding status buffs for this, but this would lead to Brew permanently having 2 status buffs, which contributes to cluttering.

    Therefore, I suggest using a similar approach to Morphling's Morph strength/agi indicator. You praised this new flexible HUD feature in the patch which added it, but only used it for one hero by now. I think it's time to expand this and add some custom elements for more spells.

    Here is a demonstration for how it could be done for Drunken Brawler:

    1. Reduce the size of the Drunken Brawler icon in the HUD
    2. Put a bar below the icon, and split it at the center
    3. Have the left half indicate the crit downtime like a loading bar
    4. Have the right half indicate the evasion downtime like a loading bar
    5. A full and bright bar indicates that the ensured effect is ready

    In this gif, the left orange bar indicates the crit and the right yellow bar the evasion timers.

    To make it even better, the ability icon could be adapted to have 2 symbols (maybe a sword for the crit and a whoosh for the evasion) at the bottom left and bottom right corner, to indicate which bar shows which downtime.

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