When Primal Split expires, Brewmaster is supposed to re-appear in Earth's place (if Earth is dead, in Storm's place and if Storm is dead as well, in Fire's place). However, he appears slightly off-set, by about 50-60 range.

It's clearly visible this happens because of collision. Since the game does not allow 2 units to take the same spot on the world, Brewmaster gets pushed aside upon re-appearing. This indicates that currently, Brewmaster re-appears first and then the spirits die, which makes sense, because if it would be the other way, Brewmaster would die whenever Primal Split ends.

One way to fix this would be to make the spirits gain phased movement upon expiring. As shown in this image, the positioning works fine whent he spirits are phased upon death. This means when Fire is the last survivng spirit (which is permanently phased), Brew appears at its exact location. When Earth is dead and Storm is alive, Brew may appear at Storm's exact location when the spell ends while it is under the effect of its Wind Walk spell, which grants phased movement as well.