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Thread: [Brewmaster]Primal Split's periodic moving of Brewmaster can be canceled by teleports

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    [Brewmaster]Primal Split's periodic moving of Brewmaster can be canceled by teleports

    During Primal Split, Brewmaster is periodically moved along with Earth, when Earth is dead, along Storm and when Storm is dead as well, along Fire. This periodic moving has the following effects:

    • Brewmaster respawns where he currently is, so this makes him respawn where the spirits are
    • Auras Brewmaster bestows are still bestowed during Primal SPlit, so they are applied wherever the currently followed spirit goes
    • The 1300 XP gain radius is still centered on your hero, so you do gain experience from units dying around the currently followed spirit
    • Brewmaster still provides his regular vision, so if the currently followed spirit loses vision (with e.g. Nightmare), Brewmaster's vision still applies

    But this periodic movement can be canceled. By teleporting effects. Effects which can teleport Brewmaster during Primal Split are:

    • Chen's Test of Faith (cast before Primal Split)
    • Keeper of the Light'S Recall (cast before Primal Split)
    • Io's Relocate (Tether before Primal Split)
    • Underlord's Dark Rift (timing doesn't matter)
    • Disruptor's Glimpse (cast before Primal Split)

    So when you get teleported during Primal Split, the following things happen:

    • You no longer re-appear at the spirit's location upon expiring. Instead, you re-appear where the teleport sent you.
    • Auras are no longer bestowed around your spirit, and are bestowed at your teleported location instead
    • Brewmaster no longer gains xp or assist gold for kills done within the spirit's range (unless you make hero kills your self), and instead gains xp and assist gold from kills happening around the tp location
    • The tp location is revealed by Brewmaster until Primal Split ends.

    Arguments for why these are all bad:

    • Respawning at the tp location might sometimes be a good thing. If you cast Primal Split to prevent death, it makes a much easier escape. However, to do this, your ally has to time his teleport, which is not that easy during fights. And Primal Split on its own should already be enough to keep you alive. You have 3 different units, and only one of them has to survive. One of them is tanky, the other one has invisibility and a strong disable, and the last one runs very fast. The teleport doesn't make a significant difference here, because either way, you have to keep at least one spirit alive. So if you know that they won't be able to kill all 3 spirits anyway, you don't need to worry about surviving, so the tp was unnecessary. If you know they can kill all 3 spirits, you have to keep one alive, regardless of whether you got tp'd or not.
    • The spirits don't scale well into the late game, since they are non-scaling units. Therefore, items like Assault Cuirass, Vlads and Radiance, or defensive items like Shiva's Guard, or even Gem of True Sight are important for the spirits in the late-game. Getting teleported away also takes away the auras from the spirits, making them significantly weaker, and may allow enemies to escape easier (e.g. with invisibility if you were holding the gem).
    • Usually, kills happen where you cast your ultimate, so you when teleported away, you will miss out on a lot of gold and xp if you don't get any last hits. You won't get any xp or gold when your hero sits at the foutain thanks to Chen's tp, while your spirits fight somewhere on the map.
    • If you have vision-impairing enemies like Bane, your hero's vision doesn't help when it sits at the fountain. It would help when it was centered on the spirits still.

    Therefore: The periodic movement of Primal Split should not be canceled by teleports.

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