Eul's Scepter and Invoker Tornado apply a basic dispel on units they hit. One of them can be used to clear oneself off of debuffs, or one enemy off of buffs, and the other can be used to dispel an entire enemy team if done right. Meanwhile, Storm's Cyclone cannot dispel anything.

All 3 apply the same effect, but 2 out of 3 apply a basic dispel.

Would it be too strong? I say no, because the cyclone lasts 6 (20 on non-heroes) seconds, which already outlasts a good bunch of dispellable buffs. Unlike Eul's, it can't be cast on self for the dispel, and unlike Tornado, it's not an aoe effect. Also, Storm has his own Dispel, which has a gigantic area, so this addition wouldn't make it too strong or anything. It would mainly allow him to get rid of buffs on a target, instead of having to wait with Dispel Magic.