The chances of this ever happening are probably close to 0.

Out of like 20 summons, only one has an acutal voice (warlock golem), and 2 others (boar and hawk) have other kinds of responses (and none of them even works since the Reborn update).

In my opinion, at least the important summons should have responses, mainly creep-heroes.

For Brewmaster's elements, the similar approach like in Warcraft 3 could be used, use Brewmaster's own responses with filters and effects added.

Here are some quick examples
* Earth attack
* Earth move
* Earth Hurl Boulder
* Fire attack
* Fire attack
* Fire move
* Storm attack
* Storm move
* Storm Cyclone
* Storm Drunken Haze

Only attack, move, spell cast, and maybe notyet an nomana responses would be needed. And maybe kill responses, because it's weird that Brewmaster responds to the kills, despite him being not there (thematically)

Here are some more responses I made