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Thread: Dota 2 really need report system to handle players' behaviour?

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    Dota 2 really need report system to handle players' behaviour?

    This player (Enchantress), in this low priority match 3230870510 was pointing finger at the mid-laner and he asked teammates to report the mid-laner without a good reason.
    Once that player died, he continuously complaining to report the mid-lane, Gyrocopter. He was acting like the mid-laner was to be blamed for every of his wrong actions.
    Plus, when I was continuously watching and observing on his game-play, he always forgot to use his hero's 2nd skill that is Enchant, which can slow down the target's movement speed and kill easily in very fast way.
    When he failed to kill because of not using the Enchantress' Enchant skill, he was asking the teammates to report the Gyrocopter again and again. Was it fair for Gyrocopter to bear all the bias actions (abuse of report)?

    Why Valve need such report system that requires player to complete a report submission instead they can reprogram an artificial intelligence to handle the player's behaviour especially their speaking or communication?
    Do Valve really need to give 3 report submission "tickets" to all players in every week?

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    Why would you care?
    Hmm.. which is better?

    1. WW3 where 3 districts in 3 worlds. The chat abuser (blamer for no reason, loud mouth etc.) , The bitch abuser (uses glitches, uses hacks, being a bastard to use spells for kill stealing and not using it early to kill the FREAKING ENEMY TEAM FASTER, using spells to trololol etc.), The feeder... (Dummies, ragers and starts feeding, just plain feeeding bots etc.) are combined to make the sun explode so our world would end

    2. Seperate them where players from 3 districts are seperated like tf2 characters trying to point out why there are 2 of them which are look alikes.

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