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    Unhappy Bug

    I'de like to report about a bug in my account that my prediction in final prizepool in battlepass 2017 isn't showing i predicted 20m-22m but when i open my prediction it is always empty................ but when i ask my friends if their predictions shows they all said yes but mine was empty....... plssss help me resolve this scenario because i dont want to miss the opurtunity.... Pls fix this fast

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    same here. any solution?

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    Achievement points for Game Genius prediction is not reflecting correctly for the first 5 games in the main event. Out of 12 correct predictions only 4 were rewarded at the end of Series 1 and 2.
    Not a single point was rewarded for the first series (3 games).
    Then 4th game only 1 was rewarded out of 2 correct answers.
    In the 5th game got 4 correct only 3 rewarded.
    This is really frustrating! Is this even worth the dedication and participation....

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