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Thread: Dota 2 Main Menu Channel Bug

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    Exclamation Dota 2 Main Menu Channel Bug

    Whenever I launch Dota 2, there are these Channel Spams. Meaning there are many duplicates of the same Channels. I found this very annoying because I cant leave the channels. And whenever I need to message (Party/Post Games/Steam Friend) I need to scroll/click the next/prev button many times to get to the message box. Ill send some pictures of the channel and its so annoying. There are no people in there its just you but you cant leave or you cant do anything to leave. I've tried everything just to leave to that channel but it keeps spawning whenever I launch Dota 2. Valve, Please Fix. IT IS REALLY ANNOYING I'VE BEEN HAVING THIS ISSUE FOR A LONG TIME. Seriously though it needs to be fixed ASAP.
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    This batch script should fix it: reset_Dota2.bat - download from pastebin, run (might need to right-click and run it as administrator).
    Or you could manually close dota and steam, browse to folder: Steam\userdata\youruseridnumber\570\remote\cfg\
    And delete chat.cfg and create a new empty file named the same (must have show file extensions so it's not chat.cfg.txt).

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