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Thread: Can you fix players in ranked mm ?

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    Can you fix players in ranked mm ?

    I've just played 3 games where my teammates just started to feed and broke their items(2 times they were my carries). It wasnt even team's fault cuz they r just running in 5 men and dying like retards and then they just destroy items on min ~15. Do I deserve it ? And I can't even report them cuz i dont have any reports and even if I had it wouldn't even be useful cuz they wouldn't get lp I'm sure. I almost deleted game. If someone destroys items in my team one more time i delete this fuckin game cuz I can't fuckin get my mmr when you try to win with ~15/5 score and you play 1 hour and then you lose cuz yr teammates won't listen to you and then u just get guys who destroy their items again and again and after that I have to go sleep because I have to go to work. I come from work and I'm trying to play dota for some free hours that I have and raise my mmr but I cant because of this RETARDS who go feeding and destroying items!!!!!!!!!!!! This is no game It's just a nonstopin show of stupid bunch of idiots..

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    Why would you care?
    Dammit someone closed my browser in my school "computer lab"

    They feed and destroyed their items because their desperate for attention and assist and you just ignore them or kill stealed from them which triggered them to create a new account. I forgot the rest because someone can't keep their hands to himself.

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    matchmaking has nothing to do with the majority of 10yo autistic kids that play this game.

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