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Thread: Luna Reef Kyte Rider (Path of the Wavebreaker Compendium Reward) Style unlock Bug

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    Luna Reef Kyte Rider (Path of the Wavebreaker Compendium Reward) Style unlock Bug

    The Reward for completing the Path of the Wavebreaker on the TI7 Battle Pass with over 40 stars unlocks a second style for the items in the Reef Kyte Rider set for Luna. However, even after using the style unlock on all 5 parts, some of them are still locked(3 to be exact). After some investigation in the dota 2 subreddit and in these forums, I learnt that this bug affects a lot of users and not only me.

    luna 1.jpg The weapon is locked

    luna 2.jpg The head is fine

    luna 3.jpg The shield is locked

    luna 4.jpg The shoulder is locked

    luna 5.jpg The mount is fine

    I really hope this can get fixed soon, especially considering the amount of people who have it. It's kinda annoying to take the effort to complete the quests to get a bugged reward.

    EDIT: The Bug has been solved. All you guys have to do is open steam application, go to help->steam support->dota 2->im trouble with items->contact steam support
    From here explain the problem in detail and it gets solved within the next day or so.
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    i got a same problem with this hope they have an action for this

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    i got a same problem, Steam recommended this forum.

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    i got the same problem, any updates?

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