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Thread: SetPoseParameter does not work?

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    SetPoseParameter does not work?

    i've created a model with a pose parameter named "move_angle" that ranges from -180 to 180. it is used to control a vscript-created gesture for movement that is composed of nine sequences, each at 45 degree angles (starting at south, clockwise towards north, then back down clockwise to south).

    i set the pose parameter value with
    unit:SetPoseParameter( "move_angle", deltaAngle )
    , then i start the gesture in question with StartGesture. however, although the animation will play, it will not be modified from its default state (0, directly north). am i doing this wrong, or does SetPoseParameter not work?

    i'm pretty sure it's correct, as modifying the pose parameter value in the model editor slider works just fine
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