Okay, so I was playing a low prio match when I got queued with 4 players who are in a same party. So we get queued against a 5-man-party... Once the match started, I got shocked when 5 of them (the enemy) just went mid and basically fed... It was so weird because they were walking in the same path, like only one was controlling, hence I believe that it was only one player who was controlling them. Isn't there any violations on this cases? Because after that quick say 12min game, I got the 4 players(my team earlier) against me. And the thing that is worse is I believe that one of my teammates were actually their friend. That friend of their(my teammate now) has 5k matches yet were making overly stupid mistakes (literally throwing the game) without even talking.
And what's worse is I think I got 7 reports from the first match with them. (5 from enemy team, maybe 2 from my team. Idk.)

Match ID: https://www.dotabuff.com/matches/3258429453
(I was the slark)