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Thread: Arc of the Solar Divine - portrait transparency bug

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    Arc of the Solar Divine - portrait transparency bug


    In place of transparent parts beneath the gold jewelry, the cosmetic has a dark red background.

    - only seems to be occurring in the portrait. Didn't spot it in Inspection mode, the Armory, or from the usual game angle.
    - does not occur in the portrait of Illusions.
    - occurs in both Vulkan and DX

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    snip, false info, didn't test enough
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    New info:

    - In addition to not occurring on the portrait of Illusions, this bug also doesn't happen on enemy portraits.
    - after a game file verification (that was successful and didn't require me to download files) booting up Dota changed the bug:

    lina glitch evolution.jpg
    (left: new bug variant. Notice the shadow error on the forehead. Right: Old bug for comparison.)

    Instead of the Arc of the Solar Divine cosmetic exhibiting a problem, the hair piece "Magnificent Flame" now incurred a shadow problem. Restarting Dota 2 returned the bug to its old state (no shadow error from the hair piece, but the transparency issue with the Arc of the Solar Divine was back).

    - a second and third file verification did not cause the bug to change again to its shadow problem form. Instead it remained in its transparency problem form. Because of this I'm unsure whether file verification had actually any impact on the bug, but I'll leave that judgment to someone more proficient.
    - I've restarted Dota 2 a few times (without file verification) to see if the bug has a random chance of changing into the shadow problem form, but I haven't been able to recreate its transformation so far.

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    New info:

    - bug has a third "glitchy" form:


    - bug does trigger with all other hair cosmetics after all, it's just so inconsistent that I didn't notice it at first. I've deleted an older post with contradicting info for clarity.
    - although there's massive inconsistencies with the bug's shape and occurrence, a pretty reliable way of making the game "roll the dice again" is to load up a Demo, click on the upper left corner's "Back to Dashboard" icon, then on the green "Back to Demo" to force the hero to reload. I've also tried checking for bug persistence by having the hero reload via death and by switching outfits, but sometimes that gave me streaks of bug persistence that then abruptly ended for no apparent reason, whereas the technique mentioned above seems to be generating different results almost every time. But that's just my impression.

    - adjacent new bug: Sometimes (it occurs as randomly as this transparency bug) my Everlasting Array Kinetic Gem won't work and Lina will consistently cast LSA with the default animation instead. Other times the hero will load in with a working gem and then proceed to consistently use the Kinetic LSA animation. I haven't noticed this behavior to be correlated to any of the discovered Arc of the Solar Divine bug shapes, so I assume they're just two different bugs that both occur when loading the hero.
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    bug is still alive as of 7.07

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    bug is still alive as of Spring Cleaning 2018

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    As of the Dota Plus patch it seems that the transparency now changes depending on the angle of the character. As Lina moves around in her idle the transparency varies between actually transparent and buggy red.

    This forum's attachment uploader seems nonfunctional, so I uploaded a short webm of it here:

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