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Thread: Rhyzik Artifact Drop Bug

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    Rhyzik Artifact Drop Bug

    So when I defeated Rhyzik for the nth time, he dropped me a Carapce. But I already had a Carapace (and a Rhyzik Eye to boot). I'm only missing the Caustic Finale artifact. Here's the match ID: 3259827540. I'm the troll and clearly I had Carapace equipped during the desert part.. I heard somewhere that Rhyzik doesn't give duplicate artifacts? Or is that not the case? Any help would be appreciated
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    Duplicates are possible. The chances are allways 6/10 for carapace, 3/10 for eye and 1/10 for claw. Getting all artifacts is quite difficult, as the rare artifact only has a 10% chance, which means you have a 2.5% chance, since it is awarded to a random player.
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