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Thread: Zues, Elder Titan, Treant Double ult with Rearm

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    Zues, Elder Titan, Treant Double ult with Rearm

    So anyone who knows that those 3 heroes get a free ult that comes naturally with the hero. But have you played a game where the Rearm ult is chosen and those heroes get to spam their ults over and over and over and the players on the receiving end get spam at infinity non stop with them? Imagine a game where you get split over and over non stop constantly being damaged and disarmed permanently? What about treant who can ult non stop over and over without a group not being able to do anything but sit there and watch? What about Zues fountain sitting while constantly spamming ult? Well I have played several of these games in the past few hours on the receiving end of this onslaught and it is ridiculous. You literally can't do anything to stop it. Even if you get 3 pipes and a bkb you will still lose and be disabled/out damaged. So far to the large volume of posts asking the devs to change the bugged ults (or atleast remove Rearm like jesus this is just getting stupid). Please I beg you from the many other players who love the idea of Ability Draft that the mirror MOBA League of Legends doesn't have to compete with Dota 2 games. Change the bugged ults or the bare minimum remove Rearm from the mode. I am a huge fan of Ability Draft after I tried it out. This mode keeps Dota very fresh and unique and keeps me playing Dota 2 over other MOBAs. If this does not change I will go play LoL and spend my money there supporting a franchise that responds to it's player base. But I specifically left LoL and played Dota 2 instead just for this mode alone which LoL does not have. As an avid fan of the developers hard work hear a cry from one of your most respected fans, and on behalf of the players who play along side and with me in this mode. Please make a change to this mode. To those who read this post I thank you for taking the time out of your lives.


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