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Thread: 2017 Battle Level Bundle bug

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    2017 Battle Level Bundle bug

    Tried to buy the bundle but was getting sent to error page when trying to add funds.
    Tried to buy it using normal browser, page wasn't loading either.
    Tried to buy it in game again after some time. >"Cannot purchase item" this item has been already purchased once...

    Well, I guess this is a sign to not waste my money here... ty, I guess.


    Error message:
    An error occurred while processing your request.


    After the latest update I'm not getting the "Cannot purchase item" anymore but the add funds button does nothing.


    Managed to buy the bundle but did not receive it or the lvls and crates. I read the warning that the transaction might take time to be processed and and that money will not be used until the item is received but right now: my status is no money, no item.

    So, Valve please give us a small update for when it is expected that we will receive the bundle or the money back in case it can't be delivered, Thanks.
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    Bundle received, issue seems fixed.

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