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Thread: How does FindAoELocation(...) work?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nostrademous View Post
    We could also use another API function which maps rectangular shapes over a similar area as FindAoELocation() does. This would be important for many spells as the radius is not a rich enough to specify the area of effect of such spells. A rectangle should suffice to cover most of these.

    Example: Invoker - Tornado, Chaos Meteor, Ice Wall, Deafening Blast; Jakiro - Ice Path, Macro Pyre; Dark Seer - Wall of Replica; Keeper of the Light - Illuminate; even Kunkka's Tidebringer, you get the idea...
    I find FindAOE does pretty well at finding everyone in a long but narrow radius.
    e.g i use it on all the AOE path abilities (illuminate, earth splitter, impale, shockwave, etc) and it does pretty well, whether it is 100% accurate is hard to say, but if i want 4 people in the AOE, it generally finds and hits 4+ people in the AOE.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisC View Post
    There's at least one bug in how FindAoELocation uses its radius that will be fixed in the next bot update. It was including a lot of units that were well outside of its range.
    By the way, the function WasRecentlyDamagedBy..() always returns false when the minion unit call it, no matter it was damaged or not. Fix it please.

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