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Thread: 东南亚服务器匹配成功后无法连接服务器/Can not connect to Southeast Asia server

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    Angry 东南亚服务器匹配成功后无法连接服务器/Can not connect to Southeast Asia server

    询问他人也发生了这种事情(正在连接服务器但是无法成功),一直显示正在连接中,因此导致了令人烦恼的禁止 匹配(24小时)。
    steam id :Ramdon.GTMDACE

    From Google translate:

    Asking someone else to have this kind of thing (connecting to the server but not succeeding), always showing the connection being connected, thus causing a disturbing prohibition match (24 hours).
    There is, why is the first suspension of 5 minutes for the second suspension is 24 hours? The previous banned second only 20 minutes.

    If possible, ask me to lift the suspension xD.
    dota2id: 381123090
    steam id :Ramdon.GTMDACE

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    哦!今天再次遇到该问题!这次是直接禁赛24小时!强烈要求修改匹配失败惩罚系统与请尽快修复服务器!!没 有DotA我快活不下去了!

    From Google translate:
    Oh! Today again encountered the problem! This is a direct suspension of 24 hours! Strongly asked to modify the match failure system and fix the server as soon as possible!No DotA I will not be able to survive!!!!!!
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    I met the same issue here. Please help!

    我他妈真是醉了,为什么这么久 快一个星期了还没有官方的人出来解决一下这个问题? PLEASE FIX IT NOW!
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