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Thread: Several heroes don't finish their cast animation after the spell resolved

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    Several heroes don't finish their cast animation after the spell resolved

    There are a lot of heroes who get their animations instantly canceled as soon as the cast point is reached, resulting in some uggly jerking, strange looking animation resets, or partially even completely missing animations due to very low cast points.

    Affects spells are

    1. Mystic Flare: Skywrath mage just does a very short twitching
    2. Fissure: The totem just magically slides back onto Earthshaker's back, through his body. The full animation has him put the totem back manually
    3. Shrapnel: Has a nice reload animation after the shot, but since it's after the cast point, it never gets seen ingame. This affects Sniper's immortal gun as well
    4. X Marks the Spot: Kunkka never finishes the x gesture with his hand, the animation always cancels (same for the sub-spell)
    5. Maledict: In the animation, Witch Doctor swings his staff quite a bit. In-game, he just nudges his staff forward a bit and the rest is canceled.
    6. Smoke Screen: The smoke bomb throw animation of Riki gets canceled
    7. Howl: The howling animation doesn't finish. Lycan just looks up for a short time and immediately forwards again.

    I think the point is clear. The animations canceling makes them either look bad or weird. Here are all other spells with this problem currently

    1. Kunkka's Torrent
    2. Kunkka's X Marks the Spot Return
    3. Lion's Earth Spike
    4. Mirana's Starstorm
    5. Mirana's Sacred Arrow
    6. Mirana's Moonlight Shadow
    7. Sven's Storm Hammer
    8. Riki's Blink Strike
    9. Pugna's Nether Blast
    10. Templar Assassin's Psionic Trap
    11. Clockwerk's Rocket Flare
    12. Weaver's The Swarm
    13. Weaver's Time Lapse
    14. Batrider's Sticky Napalm
    15. Ursa's Earthshock
    16. Gyrocopter's Homing Missile
    17. Shadow Demon's Soul Catcher
    18. Shadow Demon's Shadow Poison
    19. Shadow Demon's Shadow Poison Release
    20. Meepo's Earthbind
    21. Nyx Assassin's Impale
    22. Nyx Assassin's Mana Burn
    23. Timbersaw's Timber Chain
    24. Timbersaw's Chakram (default and aghs)
    25. Bristleback's Viscous Nasal Goo
    26. Legion Commander's Overwhelming Odds
    27. Tusk's Ice Shards

    Since these are many spells, I took videos from 4 spells only, the ones which suffer most from this.

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