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Thread: Bot's Limited Hero Selections

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    Bot's Limited Hero Selections

    Have you ever realized that only some heroes are selected by bots, namely kk, tide, CK, DK, Warlock, Zeus,...? I see that all of them take advantage of (fairly) easy combo to be made and have the ability to deal massive damage over a short period of time (mostly AOE skills are taken into consideration with large and long stun or short-cooldown nuke effects).

    Hey Valve can you make this more diverse? FMI, I used to play AI maps from Warcraft III: Frozen Throne and they even put tinker and riki and weaver or some traits like those into the game, and the host can choose to pick heroes for both allies and enemies through the script: -pa/-pe.

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    Check out the workshop for more bots. The bot development got taken over by the community. I doubt Valve will do much at this field.

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