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Thread: No one hears you. Your account has been flagged as disruptive and your public...

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    Well, today i had the same issue. Last week i played 1 game per day only with my friends. Yesterday i played 1 game with my friend and just chatted in regional channel. We talked about anime, movies and some other things. And today, then i starded dota i got this:
    No one hears you. Your account has been flagged as disruptive and your public chat privileges temporarily revoked. Time remaining: 336 hours

    Like WHAT??? For what??? Last time i had chat mute - it was in source 1. How i can get it??? I just have no idea for what i had this ban for so huge period. Also need to notice - now regional channel is almost silent and with lack of people. And people who can write ask why everyone is silent?

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    System is automated, can be easily abused and is shit in general. Nothing you can do. Nothing anyone can do.

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    whats going on

    I am muted on public chat and in-game.
    'No one hears you. The behavior score in the your last behavior report has fallen below %s1 and your communication privileges have been temporarily revoked.'

    I used developer 1; dota_game_account_debug, and i have those numbers:
    prevent_text_chat_until_date: 1427589352
    prevent_voice_until_date: 1427589352

    I checked time remaining here ... and it shows GMT: Sunday, 29 March 2015 00:35:52

    Whats going on?
    My computers clock is up-to-date as You can see in screenshots.
    (I didn't play dota for few years, I started playing again and I am muted in-game)

    How to fix that?

    account_id: 48207220
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