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Thread: July 14 Bot Update (bots in the play menu)

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    Quote Originally Posted by DreadedGhoul575 View Post
    Looking forward to it. I had a match with yours and nos on co-op and nos was pretty easy (since it's w.i.p) I was Lion in that game and the next was with Pub Simulator as Sniper mid, we all had some great laughs with your AI, plus how it talked.

    Haven't tried bot experiment or Ranked Matchmaking AI yet, because it was like 12:00am in the UK for me lol.
    I'm happy you had fun. Let me know if you found any bugs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Platinum_dota2 View Post
    I'm happy you had fun. Let me know if you found any bugs.
    The only flaw I noticed, was Treant feeding a lot; running into me, allowing me to kill him (he sometimes escaped, due to Zeus killing me lol).

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    I see coverage is getting a lot better:

    One weird thing is that the subscriber' line vanished from the stats a long time ago (it didn't go down, it just stopped working at some point!), and it is still not there!

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    Combo box will not get closed after menu disappers in main menu.

    result is shown in the attachment20170716132539_1.jpg

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    @ChrisC, i think there might be something broken with the matchmaking with the new bot scripts.

    +1 for the random selection or perhaps the list should be a list with checkboxes where the user can deselect certain bots or select all.

    right now, i'm just looking for a bot game, trying every single option and can't get a game by waiting for up to 10 minutes.
    maybe the matchmaking is broken too.

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    still can't find bot games most of the time.
    found like 3 games total in one week.
    i'm able to find games by usually selecting "default AI".

    the current daily rotation gives the best coverage for AI statistically, but people can't find games easily from what i've gathered, since they change from the one from the daily rotation.

    - make all AI flavors checkboxes so that people can select what AI they want to search for...or all of them (the same as Dota regions - EU east, EU west...etc)
    - a person who has selected a single one has lower queue chances
    - a person who has selected all has higher queue chances

    the alternative is to disable the selection (i.e. "today everyone is playing vs AI-X and you cannot change that") and still keep the daily rotation.

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