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Thread: After the item description rework, here are some remaining issues

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    After the item description rework, here are some remaining issues

    • Bottle still saying "Use" instead of "Active"

    Bottle: It still says "Use" instead of "Active". This is inconsistent with all other items. "Use" is used for consumable items. While the Bottle is within the consumable items list, it is not a consumable (i.e. the item does not disappear after use). Therefore, like other permanent items, it should says "Active" instead. As a comparison, Moon Shard, which is not listed under consumables, says "Use" as well, since it disappears when used.

    • Wind Lace lists a basic movement speed bonus as a passive ability.

    All items which grant movement speed bonus have the bonus listed like this

    +# Movement Speed

    However, Wind Lace has listed its movement speed bonus as a passive ability like this

    Gives +25 movement speed.

    Wind Lace should list its bonus like how other items do, and not as a passive ability. Here is a comparison between boots of speed and wind lace.

    • Diffusal Blade tooltips is inconsistent between level 1 and 2.

    Level 1 Diffusal Blade has the illusion part of the Manabreak text spaced out from the main text and has it in white.
    Level 2 Diffusal Blade has the illusion part of the Manabreak text together with the main text, but in grey.

    I feel like the intention was a mix of both. Have it spaced away from the main text and have it greyed out.

    Here is a comparison of their current texts

    • Boots of Travel and other upgradable items do not say anywhere that they can be upgraded.

    Boots of Travel, Dagon, Necronomicon and Diffusal Blade should say "Upgradable" somewhere. Dagon does this already, saying "Upgradable" when on level 1, 2, 3 and 4.

    This doesn't matter much for necro, dagon and diffu, since their stats already indicate levels. But Boots of Travel has no indication at all, since its upgrade doesn't change values.


    Now to the remaining items abilities without names.

    First off: Consumables. No consumable has a name for its active ability, except for Tangoes ("Eat a Tree or Ward"), Town Portal Scrolls ("Teleport") and Animal Couriers ("Deploy Courier")

    These consumables have no names, along with suggestions for names

    • Clarity: Regenerate Mana
    • Healing Salve: Regenerate Health
    • Smoke of Deceit: Conceal
    • Dust of Appearance: Reveal
    • Flying Courier: Upgrade Courier
    • Moon Shard: Infuse, Infuse Shard
    • Faerie Fire: Heal, Faerie Touch, Consume
    • Enchanted Mango: Consume, Nibble, Eat
    • Cheese: Consume, Dine, Eat
    • Observer Ward: Place/Plant Observer, Place/Plant Ward
    • Sentry Ward: Place/Plant Sentry, Place/Plant Ward
    • Observer and Sentry Wards (Ward Dispenser): Place/Plant Ward
    • Tome of Knowledge: Study, Acquire Knowledge

    And these are all other items without a name. The last remaining active ability is:
    • Hood of Defiance: Lesser Barrier

    It would also be nice if Pipe of Insight's description would use Hood of Defiance's description (because it is worded better), since they are basically the same ability, the difference being that pipe applies it in an aoe.

    And these are the remaining passives.

    • Aether Lens: Magnify, Scope
    • Dragon Lance/Hurricane Pike: Reach
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    Boots of Travel tooltips are also inconsistent, the share cooldown part.
    Necronomicon tooltips are also inconsistent, level 3's infomation about the units is in grey.
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    Tango (Shared) doesn't say how long it last, but Tango does.

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    Also, Arcane Boots says it replenish 250 mana to all nearby allies. Which it doesn't, only does 135 as usual.

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