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Thread: Immortal Treasure III no rares

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    If it'll make you feel better, I have 100+ treasure 1 and got only one Ultra rare

    while i had 94 T3 and also got 1 Ultra rare.

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    Same to me, but with all treasures. Last year had almost same level (~800, with level bundle bought) and i got all items, this year, I got only one of each rare drop from IT1 and 2. Over 30 treasures 3 opened and not even rare 50 levels drop.

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    same for me
    i have opened more than 50 treasure III chests and got no rares still and no rares after suposed rerolls also
    please fix this

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    I have Battle Pass level 1039. I have opened every Immortal Treasure I and II that I have received. I have opened all but one of the Immortal Treasure IIIs that I received (currently 41 treasures opened). Out of those treasures I have received the following bonus items.

    From Treasure I:
    Four rare items
    Two very rare items
    One ultra rare item

    From Treasure II:
    Four rare items
    Two of the first very rare items
    Three of the second very rare items
    One ultra rare item

    From Treasure III:
    Zero rare items
    Zero very rare items
    Zero ultra rare items

    With escalating odds this seems incredibly, well... odd. I can understand that I might not have the ultra rare (I only just recently got the ultra rare from Treasure I) but I would expect to have at least one of the very rare items and multiple copies of the rare items. Most of the treasures I opened were before the supposed re-roll of Treasure III and I did not receive any items from that either.
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    there is no dev to answer at all, 40+ immortal treasure III, not a single rare, do not release something when you cant handle it, or fix it or balance it, its not chance its your codes that have problems and too many mistakes from you at every update, i dont know why you receive salary with this kind of bullshit mistakes, buying item from anywhere is far fairer than this battlepass.
    i received every trash immortal 5 or 6 times

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    It took me 45+ to get the lowest rare.

    I also received NOTHING in that "fix".

    Also, this is useless no one ever pay attention to this forum, or anything valve related. They are too busy with the cash raining. It's absurd that a company cares so little for its customers.

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