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Thread: (Remake Dragon Knight) more fun knight

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    Red face (Remake Dragon Knight) more fun knight

    The remake is to buff and make more fun to play davion in his human form, making dragon form more team fight oriented and human a
    single target duelist, i removed the multi colored dragon because poison and ice is not his theme and looks stupid for a ice
    dragon breath fire, i removed the atack speed slow on lvl3 dragon form and added a push back effect too keep the enemies in range,
    wingblade thrust is a great skill to stay in lane early and very good for late single fight, also a small atack speed buff for
    dragon tail in human form.
    hope you enjoy this remake :3

    Wingblade Thrust: (only in human form)

    mana cost: 80
    Cooldown: 8
    cast time: 0

    Dragon Knight ignites his sword and for the next 4 seconds or your next atack you gain 40/60/80/100 atack damge
    and 100% lifesteal, if you sucefull hit a unit reduces the damage their attacks deal by 35%.
    you gain 25ms for the duration of the buff.

    Dragon Tail:

    mana cost: 100
    cooldown: 12/11/10/9

    Dragon Knight smites an enemy unit in melee range with his shield, stunning for 2.5/2.75/3/3.25 while dealing 25/50/75/100 damage,
    also gain 10/20/30/40 atack speed for the stun duration. When in Elder Dragon Form, the cast range increases to 400 but you lose
    the atack speed bonus

    Dragon Blood:

    The life blood of the Dragon improves health regeneration and strengthens armor.

    3/6/9/12 Health regen and armor

    Elder Dragon Form:

    mana cost: 50
    Cooldown: 115
    duration: 50 seconds
    Can be cancelable and go abck to human form***

    Dragon Knight takes the form of Slyrak (Always a Red Dragon) increasing his speed, and Dragon Tail's range, while granting him new
    powers also gain a new ability but losing wingblade thrust.

    Level 1: Incendiary Breath:
    attacks deal 20 fire damage per second for 5 seconds. Works on structures.

    LEVEL 2: Splash Attack:
    attacks damage all enemy units in a 300 radius, with Incendiary Breath added to the targets.

    LEVEL 3: Molten Breath: slows movement speed by 30% of enemy units in Splash Attack range for 3 seconds, with Incendiary Breath added to the targets.
    Also in Dragon Form wingblade thrust got replaced by Breathe Fire

    Breathe Fire: (only in dragon form)

    mana cost: 100/110/120/130
    cooldown: 14/13/12/11

    Unleashes a breath of fire in front of Dragon Knight that deal 100/150/200/250 damage to enemies and reduces 35% the damage their
    attacks deal, also push back enemies 300 units away

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