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Thread: It is impossible to create a hero build

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    Unhappy It is impossible to create a hero build

    Hello,this problem occurs. I can not create a hero build, and modify existing assemblies.The first time such a problem.Make a screen.

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    Same problem here, and I can't see any of my builds. Is this appening to everyone or only to some unlucky players?

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    The hero build/guide system is being reworked with a new UI. From what I recall you will only be able to create them in-game (I'm not 100% on this). It will likely be updated some time after TI is finished.

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    Same here, just wanted to create a guide, and spent 1 hour searching for information on how to do it....... And couldnt, because there is no create new guide button like in picture above.
    It could be way simplier...
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