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Thread: dota_spectator_auto_spectate_bot_games

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    Quote Originally Posted by nostrademous View Post
    For example look at this match - it seems like only 1 hero from either side was actually implemented.
    WTF? I've been away but I'm checking the update posts, and I don't recall any updates that should've broken hero selection! Is this an ongoing thing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nostrademous View Post
    So, while it is true that I haven't touched the bots in a while, it's hard to say that they are bad (although probably) b/c you are looking at many games where not all 5 selected heroes are ones I wrote code for, and hence, it's never a 5v5. Yes, I see this as being a problem for other bots too.

    For example look at this match - it seems like only 1 hero from either side was actually implemented.

    Not sure if this is a bug or something changed in hero selection meaning I have to update code.
    While playing locally I noticed that the courier is stolen by a bot and sent back to the fountain non stop. Tried 2 consecutive games where it happened then I got frustrated and stopped.

    Quote Originally Posted by DreadedGhoul575 View Post
    Just to mention. I think Nostrademous's AI should be removed from the list, plus on co-op vs ai, since it hasn't been updated for ages, plus it's the worst one.
    Just wanted to point out that it's prolly the only full overwrite bot so far. Ranked Matchmaking is using default bots with the code being item and ability usage. Not saying it's not great, obviously it is, but the actual logic and mechanics are from the native bots, including last hits. So since it's written from scratch it might seem lower in terms of "skill" than the native bots. But remember how bad the native bots when they first came out. If you went near them they would run away to be in range while taking damage or mega diving the fountain.
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    There's a bug with the auto spectate command matches, since they're all using the default heroes (they're using different AI from the workshop, but not the heroes).

    This needs to be fixed, mainly because ranked matchmaking ai doesn't support all the default heroes e.g. Kunkka.

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