About 75% of the time for the past 2 days the draft will 'freeze' on me. I can see the chat, but nothing else in the draft screen changes/updates as the draft progresses and I cannot pick.

When this happens I cannot pick or type to teammates, but can see the text when they type or random. The only solution I've found is disconnecting and reconnecting. This happened in both all pick and captains mode, ranked and unranked.


In this example, I could see that sniper rerolled his random, but his hero box in the top row is still sniper. I can also see orange randomed, but his hero box didn't update either. I have also selected bane, but bane does not show up on my hero box. The timer also stops working once it hits 0 of the round the draft freezes up in (this is when I know its bugged because the gold penalty won't kick in for the other team).

Any suggestions on what might be wrong? I haven't found anyone in my games that has the same problem.