I was looking for people who want to play slitbreaker for 30 starts in-a-row and there was none in İstanbul. So i decided to write it to other Europe cities like madrid, lisbon, london you know famous cities but instantly i got banned for 2 weeks!

I thought that this was a prevention for scammers and i think it is good (because they mostly try to trick people in capitals) but after 2 weeks passed i tried to find people for sb 30 stars in my city İstanbul, then i found myself banned again!!!

This time there was no timer! I opened a ticket and the reply said it will be expired on November 21! Can you just believe that? I didn't even write in other regions! Now Battlepass will be expired less than 60 days and i can't find or talk to other people who can help me about slitbreaker or battlecup.

I request an investigetion about me and my writings and i want my ban removed. Sorry for my bad english, here is my steam profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198057808983/