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Thread: Dota 2 Chat Ban (Need Help)

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    Dota 2 Chat Ban (Need Help)

    Hi everybody i have problem in dota 2 channel i was muted from system but system is never tell me how long should i wait. I hope someone help me from here.

    Note: I asking steam support, they are sending me here.



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    I Got same thing. It is not showing time .. Can anyone help or give some info on this ? TY

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    open in-game console and enter:
    developer 1; dota_game_account_debug | grep prevent; developer 0
    copy the number next to either:
    prevent_text_chat_until_date: XXXXXXXXXX
    prevent_voice_until_date: XXXXXXXXXX
    prevent_public_text_chat_until_date: XXXXXXXXXX
    It will then be translated into a readable date representing the end of your punishment.

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