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Thread: Lvl 2000 golden roshan skin not working

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    Post Lvl 2000 golden roshan skin not working

    Hi so i managed to get myself up to a level 2000 compendium and was exited to see the new roshan skin, only it dosent seem to be working at all for my account. I have tried logging in to a custom and normal game with 2 diffrent Pc's and it dosent work on either of them. I'm aware that this dosent affect the vast majority of players but it costs ALOT of money to get the compendium that high and would be nice if it worked...

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    Facing same issue .

    I am facing the exact same issue , already created a thread but no response from valve .

    Hope they fix this bug .

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    Hey you need to turn ON World Lighting option in dota 2 game settings .. then you can see the Goldwn skin .

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