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Thread: TI7 predictions in spectating mode broken

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    When already accrue points for correct predictions in the achievement ??? 3 days are not charged, I'm just in shock!

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    I made a prediction in a ti7 game yesterday. It was correct but there was obviusly a bug. How can i have my point?
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    I was watching TI7 main stage in-game so that i could predict and get the "Main Event Maestro" achievement. I noticed that some of the correct predictions I made does not count in the achievement menu, at first I thought it was due to high load and will later be counted. But as each match ended, some of my correct predictions didn't count and I ended up with a 49/50 tally so I'm a bit disappointed that all the time I spent watching games and predicting was wasted. I was hoping there is a way to check if I'm missing points and if I could get them back before the battle pass expires. Also I'm new to this site so if I'm posting in the wrong thread, please tell me where I could post this. Thanks.

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