Hello, if you are a valve employee then thank you for reading this, this is (I hope) a quick fix that will make a huge difference to spectator quality.

If you spectate an official game you are stuck with the official Dota TV chat, and cannot change to a different public or private chat channel, or use party chat. Dota TV chat is nice and all, but it shouldn't be a spectator's only chat option and is also completely worthless if people are communicating in different languages in the same place.

In past clients you could switch to any of your joined chat rooms, and those feeds would show up in the game itself and you could speak back to them (essentially normal chat room functionality), which made a shared viewing experience possible with friends or community members available from within the client itself.
With this feature gone for seemingly no reason, it takes a HUGE chunk of enjoyment out of watching games in-client as you're stuck with strangers or completely alone - BUT you need to watch in-game if you want to make compendium predictions.

Please correct spectator chat, it seems like a small or irrelevant feature but it has been integral to the viewing experience of myself and others for years, and it's just another in a long list of features that has just bugged out without any repair, or fallen off the map since Reborn came out, and it's very disappointing.

Thank you.

(this is also posted on the official reddit, linked here: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comme...spectating_is/)