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Thread: Key bindings and options reset on update

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    Key bindings and options reset on update

    This has been happening to me intermittently for approximately 3 years. Sometimes, after a Dota 2 update, all of my key bindings and options will reset (basically, any option that can be customized under the settings menu EXCEPT for audio will be reset to the default setting when installing Dota 2 for the first time). This entails spending approximately 30 minutes going through each option/key binding (including chat wheel bindings) to set them back to what I previously had. I am not sure what causes it. I have seen a couple other people complain about this. It does not happen after every update, but it did after today's most recent update.

    Would be great if a fix could be applied, or we could figure out why this happens.


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    Well, I logged in again today and all my options/key bindings were reset again after the most recent update. This is beyond frustrating, it loses games because teams won't pause and it's impossible to play without resetting hot keys. Extremely frustrating.

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    Arteezy complained about the same issue just now while streaming (sometime between 10.00 PM and 10.05 PM PST on Aug. 16, 2017, playing Brood in midlane against OD with game time between 0 and 7 minutes, sorry I do not have a time stamp). He expressed frustration that his key bindings had reset and that he needed to go fix them after the game.

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    You need Steam Cloud option enabled globally and specifically for DOTA for the options to be remembered.
    If you have it enabled, there might be a corrupted configuration. reset_Dota2.bat could help in that case - download from pastebin and run, then just follow the instructions.
    Also make sure you don't have an unbindall command in your autoexec.cfg file ( \steamapps\common\dota 2 beta\game\dota\cfg\ )

    You can even force (console) hotkeys and gui options in the above mentioned autoexec.cfg file so it does not get reset any more - you can find a reference / template in my signature

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