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Thread: Replay Player Perspective Cursor position bug

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    Unhappy Replay Player Perspective Cursor position bug

    Well, I've seen that whenever I try to watch a live game or a downloaded replay in player perspective camera, the Mouse never corresponds to the position of the right clicks, its a bit of to the right and cursor size becomes smaller than usual, This wasn't an issue before but Idk why I see it now.

    I believe it has something to do with my / the player's Monitor resolution (I use a 15 inch wide laptop)
    Please let me know if any of you people on reddit have any fix to thus annoying problem, I'd be glad.
    Here's a video I uploaded on youtube for reference :

    Sorry about the low fps, My PC isn't very good so the fps drops whenever I try to record dota ;A;

    PS : I also tried watching it on an 18 inch Monitor but the problem still exists even there.

    I'm new here to please let me know if something is amiss in the thread or If I posted in the wrong section of the site.

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    Do people even reply to these ? .-.)b

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    Hello, i have the same issue, already tried local files checks, reinstalling dota with disabled cloud and different resolutions (problem not solved). If you find the solution, pls send me a message (i will too, if i get lucky and fix it myself)
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    @Ka3ahe do you use a laptop too ? I had this bug In a Computer in Café too but just asking.....I really need Valve to fix this

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    yes, i have a laptop 1366x768 16:9. Yesterday i even recieved a reply from steam support: they have no advice to give yet, no solution to the problem.

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    I have same issue. Same 1366*768 16:9 laptop. Its bugged since before TI7 Sad no fix from Valve and also not replying to threads.

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    Same problem on 2560x1440 (not laptop)
    All that helps is changing resolution to 1920x1080

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