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Thread: Prediction Bug - points not rewarded

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    Prediction Bug - points not rewarded

    Achievement points for Game Genius prediction is not reflecting correctly for the first 5 games in the main event.
    • Out of 12 correct predictions only 4 were rewarded at the end of Series 1 and 2.
    • Not a single point was rewarded for the first series (3 games).
    • Then 4th game only 1 was rewarded out of 2 correct answers.
    • In the 5th game got 4 correct only 3 rewarded.

    This is really frustrating! Is this even worth the dedication and participation.... Why do you guys have to always be so lethargic about the time and effort! Please give my points back... And do check Reddit post regarding this topic there a is flood of tears running!

    Please give my points back... thank you!
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    Same problem. Don't get points from game Newbee vs. EG (3points) and . Have 3 correct but not rewarded...
    Now i have 10 points in achivement, but must be 14... 1-1-2 from game Team Liqued vs IG, Newbee vs EG 3-1...

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    The same thing happened with my last battle pass.... atleast this time I know where to tell this... still feels very bad and frustrating for the time and effort spent................ Please give our rewards which belongs to us!!!

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    The same thing happened - lost about 9 predictions. I am so sad about this :/

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    I was not given the battle points for the predictions of the TI7 .. please help my id: 191116630
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