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Thread: Banned 3 times in search dota 2

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    Banned 3 times in search dota 2

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    Hi to all the boys, I was "banned" for the third time in a row in the search for dota 2. I've been an active player in this game for years now. I will be extremely sincere.
    My first "ban" was just exaggerated in offenses in my comrades and I deserved that ban week.
    The 2 ban was more of a report of stupid players .. There was a series of matches where I encountered greifer who sold objects and fed mid ... You can look into my history 06/08/2017.

    The third ban after even 2 games was banned. After having met this "Light" player twice in a row ( ). The first game played safe "carry" with necro beginning to flare up for its stupidity finishing match 6/11 and using the bb only for greifing. Accusing me of not protecting him (playing lich support).
    The second "light" game played offlane very well without feeding it helping to win the game ... Of course when it saw me it started to flame over me. Coming to my team to report to me at the end of the game ... What triggered the ban for 3 times in a row.

    Of course you can check my matches and you will notice that there is nothing abnormal in my games ...

    I know that there are times exaggerated in offenses, but in my last games I tried not to flame anyone to avoid this ban.

    What I want? That when a person is banned, the previous reports are reset. So you can not keep up with what happened to me.

    I hope you find out what I wrote ... I repeat apologize for my English!

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    It requires 3 weeks time to reset. Not after one week of suffering your penalty then it will gone and reset.

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