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Thread: Community Collaboration? Test Scenarios for Bot Benchmarking

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    thanks, it seems i missed out on using sv_cheats 1, thought they should just work with cheats enabled.
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    Not really. Cheats means you can get "illegal" gold or spawn units/items and do whatever else that you can normally do in-game using the normal workflow, but decide to instead use "shortcuts" that in the end are game cheats. sv_cheats allows you to modify server properties (like the game speed, restart of a game and so on) which can offer an advantage or change the normal workflow of the game, which is not the same thing. sv stands for "server"
    Even if the "server" is local, the command allows you to modify server commands. It's not related to where the machine is located (local in your house or a dedicated server somewhere in Europe)
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    Quote Originally Posted by axetion View Post
    Assuming you want a headless client, did you try -textmode?
    does textmode work anymore? ----My ML bot work in progress

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    Quote Originally Posted by lenlrx View Post
    does textmode work anymore?
    Hrm, I just tried it and it doesn't. I'm pretty sure it worked in Source 1 Dota 2...

    At any rate it would be better just to figure out how to run the bots on a dedicated server (-dedicated) instead of trying to launch it from the client.
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