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Thread: Regional chat-ban bug?

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    Regional chat-ban bug?

    Dear Steam devs,

    I think my account is having some kind of bug. I use the regional chat channels regularly to form teams from lobbies or to invite people into my party. However about 1 month ago I've been chat-banned from the channels for a few days on and off for several times and the most recent one seems to be -infinite- because it's been a few weeks and it hasn't gone away, I can't check its duration as well, which is really frustrating.

    If you check my word clouds on OpenDota you'll see that they're totally clean with no swear words at all. So that's why I think some kind of bug has happened. Please check, thank you! (I've contacted Steam Support and they directed me here).

    My steam link:

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    I gues i have the same bug
    Check pls!
    my steam

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