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Thread: Rylai's Blessing Arcana bug

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    Rylai's Blessing Arcana bug

    Hii, i want to know if im right or wrong
    i have won an Arcana on "Rylai's Blessing" i was so happy and then i recieved i set of DK ... im so dissapointed i cant believe that
    i have a screen shot 20170817134008_1.jpg
    thx i hope will get my arcana back !!

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    It is on spin again. It auto spun and gave you the dk set. The only bug is a text display bug.

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    Exclamation мошенники

    они наебуют людей мы делаем им деньги они нас кидают посмотри!!! прошу посмотреть и разобраться! и вернуть то что мне принадлежит (предмет редкостью ARCANA)
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    I have the same problem. instead i received a coco the courageous courier 20170918022207_1.jpg i hope it can be fixed

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    Both of you are on spin again, not on the arcanas itself.

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    Look closely guys. Your pin didn't rest on the arcana, but 'Spin Again'.

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