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Thread: How to check my steam id?

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    How to check my steam id?

    So yeah, trying to get my own goddamn steam id for hours now, but this amazing platform just won't let me do it. Googled pages about it, i'm typing "status" in the console dota2 and half-life2 console but nothing happens. Tried offline method by checking steam.log but can't find it.

    I'm so friggin tired of this shit steam, worst network ever.


    Or should i "study" some muslim bomb/hacker techniques, graduate from prinston as a technology smartass and then with all that knowledge try to get that steam id of mine, which i need for registering in dota2 tour.

    Goddamn shit. Because allowing us to see that number in profile option would be too much.

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    EDIT: For status to work, you have to be on a server (in a real or practice match). Here are the result when I tried it in-game:
    ] status
    hostname: Valve Dota 2 Server #7 (
    version : 40/40 4884 secure
    steamid : [A:1:3611578371:2912] (90084503103754243)
    udp/ip : os(Linux) type(dedicated)
    map : dota
    sourcetv: port 28026, delay 120.0s
    players : 1 humans, 1 bots (24 max) (not hibernating)
    # userid name uniqueid connected ping loss state rate
    # 2 "SourceTV" BOT active
    # 3 2 "pram0" STEAM_1:1:5596366 01:18 104 0 active 1000000
    EDIT 2: The third line in my steam.log looks like this:
    CsComm ConnectionPool Feb-06-2012 16:15:11.194 [4108] Attempting new connection 0, for 0:1:5596366
    I guess the last number is my SteamID.
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    Threatening Valve is not the wisest move...
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