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Thread: Kick System for Intentional feeders

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    Lightbulb Kick System for Intentional feeders

    Valve you really should implement fast something like a kick system or auto-kick (or even Auto Low Priority) for players who die in first 10 minutes more then 10 times, because if this is happen then 100% that players is doing intentional feed.

    Exemple: Player with SF or NP. (less than 30 minutes he has 53 intentional deaths)

    In 10 minutes, he has already 0-15 feed, auto-kick or vote kick for him. In minute 15 he has 0-20 deaths.

    Really is that hard to do something about intentional feeders ? 2017 and you can't solve a easy problem like this ?


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    Good job Valve, good job Dota 2.
    Just keep up and let this kind of intentional feeders ruin the other player`s fun.

    [Url] [/ url]

    Nature Prophet, minute 3 already 10 deaths for intentional feed.
    Official Dota 2 deleted, nobody do nothing about this kind of players.
    The game not even past from the second 0:00 and he already has 3 deaths.
    AMAZING JOB, maybe in this century you will introduce some auto-kick or ban for intentional feeders.

    And all this happens in Ranked matches.
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