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Thread: Low Priority's new ban system may force me to quit dota 2.

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    Low Priority's new ban system may force me to quit dota 2.

    I go to low priority like every other day and I was fine with that. I finished my 5 wins and got out and went on about my ranked game business.
    Now there is a 24 hour stacking time limit added to each low priority succession. First it was 5 wins + 24 hours, now it is 5 wins + 48 hours, and soon it'll either be 5 wins + 72 hours or one week.
    Possibly a month or permaban after that.
    I understand they added this new system to stop people paying for LP removal services, but it does affect people like me who doesn't pay for such a service and was ok with getting LP inbetween ranked games.
    So ya, think I'll be forced to quit eventually with the current system. Being forced to play normal games for 24 hours, 48 hours, a week, or a month, or permanently, after I win 5 low priority games isn't why I play dota.
    This happened to me in LoL 3 years ago with the Tribunal as well. Moved here and there was no real punishment system.
    Think I'll have to leave unless they remove the system.

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    Maybe be less toxic.
    Every time you have an issue, spend at least 5 minutes on each of these four sites Google, Wiki, Github, and ModDota
    If you still can't figure out your issue, post your issue on moddota in as much detail as possible with a SSCCE. If you do not complete these requirements, than you will be rejected by the community. Try not to contact individual users for help as we are very busy.

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    I think thats kind of the point. Every super toxic person, such as you, ends up scaring off probably several new players. They want you to stop being a dick, or quit the game.

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    all reports must by watched by replays by gms,untill this dota is bad

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    Why they cant find GMs to watch replays on fast speed and if there is no ruin actions you dont get lp (sorry bad engllish).
    I also get LP for nothing because of unskilled mad russian players almost every week.

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