Or force ALL bot scripts to pick him, immediately.
There are too many ruiners who picks Tiny and tosses ally hero into enemies. The toss is too short cooldown, for any thin hero this is 100% death. They after writes in chat something like "noob feeder" and reports for intentional feeding, while is guilty in intentional ability abuse. Disabling help WON'T work. Reporting DOES NOT solves the problem. There are TOO MANY of them in botmatch.
There IS a HUGE problem, and actions SHOULD BE taken.
- There must NOT be Tiny in botmatch mode at all, like there is no Omniknight in WTF+ arcade mode, OR,
- The bots should pick Tiny on first pick, with NO DELAY, preventing human players from picking him, OR,
- Disabling help in Tiny player SHOULD PREVENT tossing allies AT ALL, like force staff, OR,
- Any Tiny player, casted Toss on ally, should be PUNISHED if this ally hero dies within 15 seconds after toss. AND PUNISHED STRONGLY.