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Thread: MMR Bug abusers

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    MMR Bug abusers

    Hi there, i'm here to report a bug and some bug abusers maybe, I dont really know how to works, but recently you can find people with over 2k difference mmr in the same team.

    Here you have the proof, hope you gonna fix it and ban those guys for bug abusing, a 5k mmr cant improve his rank playing against 3k people (The last one on the right in the enemy team was a 1.8k mmr).

    This was the game:


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    if i'm not mistaken, new max difference is 3k, not 2k anymore. Inter rank is still 2k difference max they havent updated it.
    and dont forget party mmr with be bumped up halfway solo and party now

    both of you 5v5 with similar average anyway.

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    The highest player of your team picked Invoker. This hero is absolute garbage.

    Just look at the winrate:

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