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Thread: Can't bind left or right ALT-key.

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    Exclamation Can't bind left or right ALT-key.

    Installed DotA 2 on a new computer last sunday. Since then I've been having problems with my ALT-key in game.
    DotA does not seem to recognize when I'm pressing the ALT-key in game, thus I lose 4 of my item hotkeys.

    The left altkey does not work at all. The right alt key works for pinging, but nothing else.
    I cant bind any new hotkeys with the ALT-key as DotA ignores that I'm pressing it.

    Oddly, the left alt key seems to work if I'm holding the right ALT-key at the same time.

    The first time it happened it helped to restart the game. 3 games later it seems to stick.

    I still have the same keyboard but never had this problem with my old computer. The keys work normal outside of DotA.

    Has anyone else experienced this?

    This is my first thread so I apologize if I've missplaced it.

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    Settings - Hotkeys - To Advanced Hotkeys - Bind keys based on keyboard position - try it enabled then disabled (restart DOTA after each time).
    There are 99.99% chances it's a broken keyboard (ctrl win fn or alt stuck? try pressing each firmly a dozen times) or generating non-standard keycodes / external software messing with it.

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